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6 Realistic Ways to Save Money on your Next Vacation

As a traveler, you have fantasies and dreams of jetting of around the globe to some of the most beautiful tropical destinations, glorious American cities, and secluded European villages. Like every traveler, you have a list of places you want to travel to within a specific period of time. It’s, however, important to keep in mind that vacationing costs money, an important resource that isn’t limitless. You don’t have to wreck your finances to travel the world. Here’s how you can save money on your next trip. Thanks to the Love is Blonde Salon for the input! Visit site here to book your next hair appointment.

Go for an Inexpensive Family Cruise

If you’re looking to visit numerous destinations on one single price, cruising might just be the perfect way to travel. Cruises usually provide an upfront cost which caters for nearly all of the expenses. As a result, it becomes easier for families to budget for their vacation since all accommodation, entertainment, and food is covered in a single price. Choose a budget-friendly and inexpensive cruise line like the MSC cruises and plan for a Caribbean vacation, departing from Miami, Florida.

Book a Trip off-Peak

Airfare rates usually drop during off-peak and shoulder travel seasons. You must research and find out more information on the different travel seasons for your destination. Traveling off-season means reduced hotel prices, shorter lines at attractions, less crowds throughout your trip. Going for vacation during the off-peak season is one of the best ways to save money on your trip.

Watch out for Flight Deals

Take advantage of short term airfare offers and deals on websites such as Secret Flying and The Flight Deal. Well, you better be fast with your booking since the deals only last for a couple of days. The websites feature international airfare deals from the United States to vacation destinations such as the Philippines, Italy, and Japan. Save big on your airfare even as you travel to far destinations.

Book your Flight Early

Booking at the last minute can still land you a better airfare deal. However, you’re able to save more money on airfare when you book your flight at least 6 to 9 months in advance. Take time and compare prices before booking. With most airlines in the United States allowing people to book around eleven months ahead of time, it’s even easier to compare pricing.

Go Camping

If you’re looking to have an exciting outdoor adventure, consider finding an affordable campground and go camping. Most of the natural attractions in the United States are surrounded by campsites. There’s no need to book a luxury cabin. Simply buy or rent a tent and a few other camping supplies, then bring your family or friends for a memorable hike and fulfilling outdoor adventure.

Consider Booking Condos over Hotels

There’s no better way to live like a local in your vacation destination than booking a rental condo. Rental condos will provide you with a more affordable accommodation option if you are a group or have a family. You have the space to spread out and prepare your own meals, which means you get to save money on food costs as well. …

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Kauai Paradise: Five Best Things to See and Do

To most people the lush little Hawaiian Island of Kauai may seem not to have so much to explore. Anyone who has been to this beautiful tropical destination will tell you there’s just so much to keep you busy and excited for a week or even more. Kauai boats of glorious white sand beaches, dramatic sea cliffs, majestic mountains, colorful botanical gardens, rugged rainforest landscapes, plunging waterfalls, and coral reefs teeming with beautiful fish. The Hawaiian Island isn’t huge but has plenty of things to do. Here are some of the best and most exciting things to do in Kauai, Hawaii.

Discover the Napali Coast

If you’re looking to experience Kauai’s natural beauty, you better start by exploring the Napali Coast. You can marvel at the seventeen mile expanse of rocky, steep series of green cliffs either from the water or from the air. Visitors can still catch a glimpse of the famed Napali Coast from viewpoints in Kokee State Park. You’ll need a permit to hike the 11-mile Kalalau Trail which allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the plunging waterfalls, pristine beaches, and fluted cliffs. A helicopter tour, though expensive, will provide you with the best view of the Napali Coast.

Explore the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Perhaps you’ve heard of the famed Waimea Canyon, often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” This is one of the attractions you can’t afford to miss during your Kauai vacation. Waimea Canyon is a fourteen-mile-long and 3,600-feet deep gorge featuring green, red, and brown cliff sides with waterfalls and rivers dotted within evergreen vegetation. You can take in the jaw-dropping sight by car or hiking in one of the trains in the canyon. Helicopter tours are available as well.

Relax on the Beach

You don’t want to spend your entire vacation hiking and enjoying other outdoor adventures on this beautiful island. Why not take some time off and relax on one of the pristine beaches? Popular beaches in Kauai include Baby Beach and Po’ipu Beach, located towards the southern side of the island. Anini Beach on Kauai’s North shore is also worth visiting. Kauapea Beach is preferred by travelers looking for seclusion as it’s blissfully uncrowded. Other notable beaches on the island include the Salt Pond Beach near Hanapepe, Ke’e Beach, Kalapaki Beach, and Tunnels Beach.

Look for Wildlife

If you’re an early riser, start your day exploring giant sea turtles at Poipu Beach. Be sure to arrive before sunrise. Keep in mind that the beautiful creatures are protected and no one is allowed to disturb them in any way as they take a nap on the sand. Don’t be surprised to see wild chickens clucking and crowing their way across every corner of the island. Head to the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and spend some time with dolphins, whales, seals, as well as seabirds.

Explore Local History and Culture

The best part of your Kauai vacation isn’t just about the island’s natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Kauai has a rich history and culture that you’ll find quite interesting and exciting to explore. The guided tours at the nineteenth-century sugar cane plantation known as Grove Farm will provide you insights on how far the island’s farming activities have come. Learn more about the indigenous and immigrants of the island from the Kauai Museum. Other places where you can learn and celebrate the island’s history and culture include the Old Koloa Town and Hanapepe Town.

In conclusion, there’s so much you can do during your vacation in Kauai, despite the small size of the island. Other activities you can do include hiking through the island, discovering waterfalls and Grottos, sampling some of the island’s local food and drink, playing some golf, and much more. …

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5 Things you should not do on your Caribbean

Holidays and family vacations to the tropical island paradises in the Caribbean have become popular as travelers from around seek to immerse themselves in the gorgeous natural landscapes and glorious beaches the destinations have to offer. The Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and artistic landmarks in the world. As you plan your Caribbean vacation, it’s important that you avoid the following mistakes so you can make the most of your time.

Ignore Local Advice and Beach Warning Signs

Of course, you’re so excited about your Caribbean vacation and can’t wait to spend all your afternoons relaxing on one of the secluded beaches here. Keep in mind that some beaches in the Caribbean experience strong currents and may have dangerous sea creatures lurking below the placid-looking water surface. Don’t be so excited by the fact that you have the entire beach space for yourself that you forget or ignore warning signs. Be sure to follow any local advice on the safe areas where you can swim.

Never Leave your All-Inclusive Resort

Well, it’s true you’re going to have lots of fun and entertainment at your all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. But why would you travel to a new country, and a tropical destination for that matter, then not get out and experience what it has to offer? Leave your hotel and get to interact with the locals as you try their local cuisine and learn their culture. Explore the natural beauty and diverse landscape of the Caribbean.

Travel to the Caribbean during Hurricane Season without Insurance

There’s no doubt you have your preferred time to visit the Caribbean. Perhaps the only time you can have that family vacation is sometime between June 1st and November 30th. The peak hurricane season runs from mid-August to late October. Make sure you have travel insurance if you’re visiting during this time. You have to be insured early enough, before a hurricane even gets to the forecast.

Apply Too Little Sunscreen

Now that you’ve agreed to leave your hotel for some outdoor adventure, don’t forget the sun is stronger in the Caribbean than at home. Even if you’re planning on spending your day in the ocean swimming or snorkeling, be sure to wear a swim shirt and keep reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. That’s the only way to protect your skin from the powerful UV rays. You should also avoid direct sun from midday to around 3.00 pm.

Treat Every Caribbean Island the Same

There are no two islands alike in the Caribbean. While some are white sand beach paradises like the Turks and Caicos others are mountainous jungle islands like St. Lucia. Dominican Republic is a more humid Hawaii. You’ll also be surprised to find that each island is unique when it comes to culture, geography, traditions, cuisine, and laws. Over-generalizing the Caribbean into one destination isn’t right. Once you’ve chosen your preferred tropical island in the Caribbean, take time to research and learn more about the destination before you go. …

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What Makes A Real Traveler?

There are many categories of travelers and all of them have different motivations of traveling. They seem obsessed about traveling and think about it several times in a day. Some of them traveling is a mission. They say once you catch the traveling fever, it lets you go. Some have specialized in gastronomy fans, others in travel adventures. Every traveler enjoys their different share of passion and activity areas.

Still all travelers have some common characteristics. So let’s find out what a traveler has and what he does.

 Deep passion for travel

All travelers tend to have an obsessive preoccupation with trips, their passion surpassing the fun of a holiday and leisure trips. Their passion in traveling may include other obsessions and curiosities. They could include cultures, sports, hiking, architecture and history.

Curiosity towards foreign places and cultures

Travelers are intrigued by other cultures and therefore travel in a bid to learn about the foreign cultures and places. Some of them are culture vultures, who scan maps every day, wondering how the experience of exploring what they see in the map would turn out.

Thirst for adventure

Travelers dream about traveling even when they are not. They read blogs on travel, check airfares every time, browse through photos of beautiful sceneries that are far away, have a map on the wall their bedroom walls or on the mouse pad.

They are obsessed with traveling to the extent that they can’t keep calm or keep their minds off it. They are always looking forward to their next adventure. If time between trips is too long, this can be a traveler’s longest nightmare.

Discipline and organizational skills

Real travelers are highly disciplined and have excellent organizational skills. They are capable of organizing complicated situations and organize itineraries. Adventure and climbers travelers possess the top skills that are admirable.

They do not easily overspend, get drunk unnecessarily, they follow all the rules without straying.

Creativity and inventiveness

If you are a real traveler you have to improvise things sometimes. Whenever they find themselves in the midst of difficult new situations, they have to utilize their creativity to get out the said situation. They do try to upscale their skills by watching technical travel hack videos and tips to be well informed on the measures they can take if they are confronted by various situations while on travel.

Passion for photography

Traveling and not saving the moments to refer in future to them is termed as a big mistake. Though living in the moment is crucial, photos always bring back the memories.

When they are not traveling, they keep checking up the photos that bring back the feelings, memories, faces, tastes and smells. They have a quality camera that they carry always as they move.

They make sacrifices and take risks

They have the slogan of ‘no pain, no gain”. Living to fulfill any passion requires a lot of sacrifices such as physical efforts, financial and time consumption. Some go extends of risking their lives and health. Others seem to have an eternal decision to burn much of their money and time on exploring and traveling.


Spending a few hours with someone can help you to know if they are a real traveler. They never fail to talk about an adventure they had in the past or one that they looking forward to. Traveling is their main topics in every conversation

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