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Kauai Paradise: Five Best Things to See and Do

To most people the lush little Hawaiian Island of Kauai may seem not to have so much to explore. Anyone who has been to this beautiful tropical destination will tell you there’s just so much to keep you busy and excited for a week or even more. Kauai boats of glorious white sand beaches, dramatic sea cliffs, majestic mountains, colorful botanical gardens, rugged rainforest landscapes, plunging waterfalls, and coral reefs teeming with beautiful fish. The Hawaiian Island isn’t huge but has plenty of things to do. Here are some of the best and most exciting things to do in Kauai, Hawaii.

Discover the Napali Coast

If you’re looking to experience Kauai’s natural beauty, you better start by exploring the Napali Coast. You can marvel at the seventeen mile expanse of rocky, steep series of green cliffs either from the water or from the air. Visitors can still catch a glimpse of the famed Napali Coast from viewpoints in Kokee State Park. You’ll need a permit to hike the 11-mile Kalalau Trail which allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the plunging waterfalls, pristine beaches, and fluted cliffs. A helicopter tour, though expensive, will provide you with the best view of the Napali Coast.

Explore the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Perhaps you’ve heard of the famed Waimea Canyon, often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” This is one of the attractions you can’t afford to miss during your Kauai vacation. Waimea Canyon is a fourteen-mile-long and 3,600-feet deep gorge featuring green, red, and brown cliff sides with waterfalls and rivers dotted within evergreen vegetation. You can take in the jaw-dropping sight by car or hiking in one of the trains in the canyon. Helicopter tours are available as well.

Relax on the Beach

You don’t want to spend your entire vacation hiking and enjoying other outdoor adventures on this beautiful island. Why not take some time off and relax on one of the pristine beaches? Popular beaches in Kauai include Baby Beach and Po’ipu Beach, located towards the southern side of the island. Anini Beach on Kauai’s North shore is also worth visiting. Kauapea Beach is preferred by travelers looking for seclusion as it’s blissfully uncrowded. Other notable beaches on the island include the Salt Pond Beach near Hanapepe, Ke’e Beach, Kalapaki Beach, and Tunnels Beach.

Look for Wildlife

If you’re an early riser, start your day exploring giant sea turtles at Poipu Beach. Be sure to arrive before sunrise. Keep in mind that the beautiful creatures are protected and no one is allowed to disturb them in any way as they take a nap on the sand. Don’t be surprised to see wild chickens clucking and crowing their way across every corner of the island. Head to the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and spend some time with dolphins, whales, seals, as well as seabirds.

Explore Local History and Culture

The best part of your Kauai vacation isn’t just about the island’s natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Kauai has a rich history and culture that you’ll find quite interesting and exciting to explore. The guided tours at the nineteenth-century sugar cane plantation known as Grove Farm will provide you insights on how far the island’s farming activities have come. Learn more about the indigenous and immigrants of the island from the Kauai Museum. Other places where you can learn and celebrate the island’s history and culture include the Old Koloa Town and Hanapepe Town.

In conclusion, there’s so much you can do during your vacation in Kauai, despite the small size of the island. Other activities you can do include hiking through the island, discovering waterfalls and Grottos, sampling some of the island’s local food and drink, playing some golf, and much more. …

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