5 Things you should not do on your Caribbean

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5 Things you should not do on your Caribbean

Holidays and family vacations to the tropical island paradises in the Caribbean have become popular as travelers from around seek to immerse themselves in the gorgeous natural landscapes and glorious beaches the destinations have to offer. The Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and artistic landmarks in the world. As you plan your Caribbean vacation, it’s important that you avoid the following mistakes so you can make the most of your time.

Ignore Local Advice and Beach Warning Signs

Of course, you’re so excited about your Caribbean vacation and can’t wait to spend all your afternoons relaxing on one of the secluded beaches here. Keep in mind that some beaches in the Caribbean experience strong currents and may have dangerous sea creatures lurking below the placid-looking water surface. Don’t be so excited by the fact that you have the entire beach space for yourself that you forget or ignore warning signs. Be sure to follow any local advice on the safe areas where you can swim.

Never Leave your All-Inclusive Resort

Well, it’s true you’re going to have lots of fun and entertainment at your all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. But why would you travel to a new country, and a tropical destination for that matter, then not get out and experience what it has to offer? Leave your hotel and get to interact with the locals as you try their local cuisine and learn their culture. Explore the natural beauty and diverse landscape of the Caribbean.

Travel to the Caribbean during Hurricane Season without Insurance

There’s no doubt you have your preferred time to visit the Caribbean. Perhaps the only time you can have that family vacation is sometime between June 1st and November 30th. The peak hurricane season runs from mid-August to late October. Make sure you have travel insurance if you’re visiting during this time. You have to be insured early enough, before a hurricane even gets to the forecast.

Apply Too Little Sunscreen

Now that you’ve agreed to leave your hotel for some outdoor adventure, don’t forget the sun is stronger in the Caribbean than at home. Even if you’re planning on spending your day in the ocean swimming or snorkeling, be sure to wear a swim shirt and keep reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. That’s the only way to protect your skin from the powerful UV rays. You should also avoid direct sun from midday to around 3.00 pm.

Treat Every Caribbean Island the Same

There are no two islands alike in the Caribbean. While some are white sand beach paradises like the Turks and Caicos others are mountainous jungle islands like St. Lucia. Dominican Republic is a more humid Hawaii. You’ll also be surprised to find that each island is unique when it comes to culture, geography, traditions, cuisine, and laws. Over-generalizing the Caribbean into one destination isn’t right. Once you’ve chosen your preferred tropical island in the Caribbean, take time to research and learn more about the destination before you go.

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