What Makes A Real Traveler?

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What Makes A Real Traveler?

There are many categories of travelers and all of them have different motivations of traveling. They seem obsessed about traveling and think about it several times in a day. Some of them traveling is a mission. They say once you catch the traveling fever, it lets you go. Some have specialized in gastronomy fans, others in travel adventures. Every traveler enjoys their different share of passion and activity areas.

Still all travelers have some common characteristics. So let’s find out what a traveler has and what he does.

 Deep passion for travel

All travelers tend to have an obsessive preoccupation with trips, their passion surpassing the fun of a holiday and leisure trips. Their passion in traveling may include other obsessions and curiosities. They could include cultures, sports, hiking, architecture and history.

Curiosity towards foreign places and cultures

Travelers are intrigued by other cultures and therefore travel in a bid to learn about the foreign cultures and places. Some of them are culture vultures, who scan maps every day, wondering how the experience of exploring what they see in the map would turn out.

Thirst for adventure

Travelers dream about traveling even when they are not. They read blogs on travel, check airfares every time, browse through photos of beautiful sceneries that are far away, have a map on the wall their bedroom walls or on the mouse pad.

They are obsessed with traveling to the extent that they can’t keep calm or keep their minds off it. They are always looking forward to their next adventure. If time between trips is too long, this can be a traveler’s longest nightmare.

Discipline and organizational skills

Real travelers are highly disciplined and have excellent organizational skills. They are capable of organizing complicated situations and organize itineraries. Adventure and climbers travelers possess the top skills that are admirable.

They do not easily overspend, get drunk unnecessarily, they follow all the rules without straying.

Creativity and inventiveness

If you are a real traveler you have to improvise things sometimes. Whenever they find themselves in the midst of difficult new situations, they have to utilize their creativity to get out the said situation. They do try to upscale their skills by watching technical travel hack videos and tips to be well informed on the measures they can take if they are confronted by various situations while on travel.

Passion for photography

Traveling and not saving the moments to refer in future to them is termed as a big mistake. Though living in the moment is crucial, photos always bring back the memories.

When they are not traveling, they keep checking up the photos that bring back the feelings, memories, faces, tastes and smells. They have a quality camera that they carry always as they move.

They make sacrifices and take risks

They have the slogan of ‘no pain, no gain”. Living to fulfill any passion requires a lot of sacrifices such as physical efforts, financial and time consumption. Some go extends of risking their lives and health. Others seem to have an eternal decision to burn much of their money and time on exploring and traveling.


Spending a few hours with someone can help you to know if they are a real traveler. They never fail to talk about an adventure they had in the past or one that they looking forward to. Traveling is their main topics in every conversation

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